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my little lemontree

My little lemon tree, sitting in the basement where it is cooler, waiting to be freed and to get outside when the days are warmer again, this little lemon tree has two lemons getting ready for harvest. And lots of flower buds that will open soon. Actually, the tree is not that little anymore and this […]

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small and simple

Today it is going to be the perfect pre-spring day with the sun shining all day and temperatures going up a little bit. Nice. The picture for today’s post  fits therefore. Snowdrops in watercolor. Little “medallions”, trial pictures,  a bit smaller than postcard size, painted from a photo of live snowdrops that I took in the […]

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wild tomato

Today’s picture shows you my torture: waiting for the tomato seeds to do something. I got a couple of different breeds. I sewed one of them already, a “wild type from Peru”, supposed to give very small but very aromatic tomatoes. I was told that it can take up to 4 weeks to germinate. Thus, […]

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This is the second post today which is special and does not come often. But then, it is not often that I offer a new website with products either. I will not talk much about here, as it is a new story, sort of beta, complementary to tauer perfumes, work in progress, therefore you […]

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after this post

After this post I will be biking down to the factory. I am looking forward to it, as this weekend was spectacularly work free. Which is rare. Or better said: What I did over the weekend did not feel like work really. I spent quite some time behind the easel with brushes, oil and watercolor, […]

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working conceptually

I wish you all a wonderful weekend. Yesterday, after a long sunny early spring, late winter day here in Zurich, I took today’s picture that I shared yesterday evening already on Facebook. I treated myself with some roses, as it was -like every Friday- rose day in the local flower shop. And when the sun […]

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aqua fidelis

No sun for us here today; here = under the fog. Up there, over the fog, blue skies. Ah well. You can’t have everything, right? A steaming factory and the blue sky are non compatible today. So I will go down there after this post is written and do what I always do: Try not […]

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so tired of perfume as an art

Sundays, I always go for my half marathon jogging, not really ambitiously running for any time goal, but happily enjoying the fact that it still works and that I’ll get it done.  In the second part of the run, the way the mind works sort of changes; maybe it is oxygen, maybe it is endorphins […]

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give off a strong odour

I cannot help it: When I have hyacinths in the house, I need to talk about them. …. “Hyacinth flowers give off a strong floral, narcotic, green-fatty odour, which also contains earthy, spicy, animalic aspects.” , say E.-J. Brunke, F.-J. Hammerschmidt and G. Schmaus, in their article in the FLAVOUR AND FRAGRANCE JOURNAL, VOL. 9. 59-69 (1994), titled Headspace Analysis […]

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spring in the house

Today’s a busy day and I have to run, leaving the house soon; in the house: spring. Hyacinths in bloom, pink, white, blue. Although, to be honest, only the blue one smells really strong. One reason why I am running out of the house soon: To be back earlier. That’s the plan at least. To […]