I got myself a headlight for camping. Today’s picture shows you what the light does when having it shine down, on myself… I do not like to post selfies too much. I am not a digital native and always feel that my face is not that important really. But here, I could not resist. When I […]

making of

il faut s'imaginer sisyphe heureux

I do not have a garden, just a spot in front of the house, a nice place where soon the tulips will bloom. These days, more or less daily, provided the weather allows it, I go down there, for 10 minutes or so and do what I call “therapeutic weeding”. Kneeling down and trying to […]

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broken things and being brave

Today’s picture shows you an egg that I used last Saturday to make a “hefezopf” loaf. The picture is a rough, A4 size, oil color sketch, on paper. An allegory for things that break and  cannot be fixed anymore, by nobody really, but at the same time they’re opening the door to something new. Yesterday, […]



I had the pleasure to attend an event last week, a get together, at the Duftcontor in Oldenburg. This is one of the very few real niche perfumeries there are in Germany. You will find some of the best there is, there, and none of all the other bottles that you find in many places. […]

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everything's just perfect

Tonight, I will sleep in the train that brings me up north, to Germania.  There, in the lands of holy oaks we will talk about incense, a gift from the gods.  I am invited and so honored to talk, chat, hug and more at the Duftcontor in Oldenburg: I will bring some incense with me, […]

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this and that

What a great weekend! It was rich, full, work loaded, and with a couple of fun activities. Most of them were actually not really fragrant, I have to admit. More communication related. But then: Perfume business is communication business. Sometimes, however, I stop answering mails. Like …when discussing forth and back to where we ship, […]

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again and again

in the watercolor class yesterday: Tulips. Again. We “did” tulips last week, too. I did not mind. This week, the teacher came with three lessons, take home lessons and stuff to work on: Using alternative tools to “nail” these tulips and getting around worrying about the details, kind of: Abstraction without losing the motif. Doing […]

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Today, I have my watercolor class again and I am sooooo looking forward to it. And to my new glasses. The frame is the same but I get a stronger correction. This will help me a lot when sitting in front of the PC and when putting labels on bottles. The arms got too short […]

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Today, uiuiui…. super busy. Like yesterday, but: There was time to procrastinate… over the weekend I was dancing with wolves and sketched a couple of wolves. Yesterday, I moved on, towards an imaginative canis lupus familiaris (dog). You know: When sketching a wolf, you realize how close wolves and dogs are related. The same happened […]

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Crocus on the go

Here in Zurich, a wonderful, sunny, and gentle week is ahead of us. Spring is just glorious. In the garden, the crocus, completely scentless, is in bloom. A bright yellow. But, despite all the glory and gentle warmth of the season: I will spend most of the time in the factory. T00 much’s going on right […]