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white musk

Ok. I admit it: I sometimes watch it, home order TV, just to relax. Never with the goal to shop. Although, yesterday, I was tempted, for the tenth of a second. But yesterday was special anyhow: I think I never ordered that much fragrant “stuff” and other stock items for my Tauer Perfumes world like yesterday. […]

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Vetiver MD

The other day I got more vetiver, the real stuff, shipped from France, produced by “molecular distillation”. This distillation method gives rise to a special olfactive quality, where the gentle woody, vibrant citrus notes of vetiver come out and the rough earthy “dirty” olfactive quality  becomes secondary. It is still sitting here in the stock room, […]

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these days

These days there is more coming into the house of tauer than going out. It is the time of the year where we are sort of preparing for autumn. You know: Bottles, fragrances, and paper stuff. Summer is the quiet season, more or less. The more I am happy if some boxes get out of […]

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the nose

I came across a couple of articles in newspaper and magazines lately. And, being a nose myself, I cannot but publish this quick short post. Hello world, please take note: owning a perfume brand does not make you a nose. Does it matter? Yes, it does. The nose knows. What’s the difference? What’s the difference between prince xzy […]

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Ozonic versus dark cistus twists

Today, right before I started writing this blog post about my “aqua fidelis” perfume trial, a review of PHI-une rose de Kandahar went live on the Pierredenishhapur blog, talking about PHI-une rose de Kandahar, with a lovely intro about the Afghan rose oil and then talking about the multifaceted aspects of this rose de Kandahar. […]

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entering a romantic phase

I think I just entered into a romantic phase here. Yesterday was half a day off, due to a holiday day here in Switzerland. I ended up working half the day nevertheless, but the other half was mixed media, so to say: doing some research on some official stuff and doing some photoshop work on […]

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a material world

We entered summer here in Zurich. Which is wonderful and brings me out on the balcony early in the morning, listening to the birds, watching the neighborhood waking up and reading the news of the day before I start creating my own news. This morning, I read an article about Microsoft’s new business model, giving […]

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going to Baumarkt

Today’s picture: I published it yesterday already on my facebook page ( , oil pastel, on paper, done with a couple of limited colors from the Sennelier collection (the best oil pastels in my humble opinion). It was the second picture done in oil pastel only, I worked on it for an hour or so […]

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after a week

…filling lots of flacons of Vetiver Dance, Incense Extrême, Lonestar Memories and Orange Star: Creative Friday! Hurray. I will head now to the factory in order to finish off the Orange Star flacons that I filled yesterday, polishing, labelling them and then: Playtime and doing what does not need to be done. Time for some little crazy projects. […]

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Today’s picture: Looking into a metal funnel. I decided to take this picture this morning when sitting on the balcony and thinking about today. Today’s is going to be exciting; and so far the whole week was. Today, I will get three deliveries: Strawberry plants, some vetiver that I get back from the company who’s […]