creating scents

bad nose days

Good morning from Zurich, we I have an excellent nose day. This means: The nose is clear and what I smell is lovely or at least interesting. Yesterday was an office day and as always when I sit in front of the computer: I put some trials on paper strips and smell them while I […]

creating scents

in the mood

I love statistics and like most human beings I am always looking for patterns here and there. So, the other day, I was looking when I create most of my perfumes that end up later as products somewhere on a shelf. Or better said: When I started working on them. I realized: It is October. […]


bestsellers et al

Good morning! Ui…. It’s been awhile since I’ve been talking here. It was utterly busy, in a peculiar way: We got a lot of shipments that needed to get out and shipments (by truck) mean: They tell you that they will come, somewhen.  And sometimes they forget you. Thus, I ended up, stranded a bit, […]

making of

office day(s)

Yesterday was an office day. I tried to deal with orders, mails and did a update, refreshing this site a bit, with less sterile pictures on the front page. Today, I am still in office mode and was trying to get an animated gif running, using photoshop. My first gif:   Yesterday, […]

what's up?


We are in the midst of autumn here: Still not much rain until now and wonderful colors everywhere. I wish there was a bit more time to relax and enjoy the warmth of the season, but unfortunately there isn’t really. And no: I am not sitting in front of my perfume organ dreaming of the […]


sometimes I do that

I am heading for the factory, but before doing so, in light of my bio rhythm and an idea I got yesterday while packing PHI – une rose de Kandahar: I went a little bit wild and abstract on my canvas. Today’s picture shows you a little bit what it looks like. I will post […]

general thoughtsmarketing and branding

sometimes we do this

Greetings from Zurich, after a couple of hectic days. Like: Really hectic! One reason is the Tuberose sotto la luna. The other day, I watched a documentary about Steve Jobs and was amazed. I learned a lot of details that I did not know. And I was amazed about how pushy and smart he obviously was. […]

marketing and branding

Tuberose sotto la luna is now also in the US

Yesterday, I finally sent the Tuberose sotto la luna newsletter out. If you did not get it, you can read it here. And yesterday, it went online in some US stores, and in my online store, and I read the descriptions, especially the one on Twisted Lily’s website. And because this text is good, I […]