marketing and branding

sometimes it just happens

Today’s picture has nothing to do with the pre-spring feelings that we are treated with, here in Zurich. It just happened. I made it in oil, a little bit following the Bob Ross technique, wet in wet. If you wonder who Bob Ross was: Here’s a picture in a newsweek article. After a crazy day in […]

general thoughts

experience center

While I am writing these lines, my partner is calling the Miele Experience Center. This is newspeak for hotline. For once, I like this newspeak. Nice. I want an experience center, too. We are surrounded by newspeak and usually I do not realize it because like most of us I am getting used to terms […]

making of

the classics

I am attending a drawing course right now: drawing in the museum and the last two session took place in the archeological museum. There, a lot of classic  statues from Greece or Roman, in all sort of poses, most of them naked, many of them broken. Drawing from a 3 D object is not easy. […]

what's up?


When with friends, working in different industries, when talking about what happens around us, being in our early fifties and coming from a non digital background, we regularly come to the conclusion that we live in a world that is totally insane. And the digital tools do not help us but make things worse. Details?  Well, […]

creating scents

too much

Here, winter is finally here, with some snow and icy temperatures. But the sun is shining and -my favorite saying in winter- you can already feel who the sun gains strength. The weekend was busy, with many things, like jogging in a little snow storm and an observation; The whitest snow flakes look actually black […]

making of

in the mood

This morning, for no particular reason besides the aspect that I was thinking about it for quite a while, I woke up with an idea. That’s nice. An idea for a scent, or better said, a scent for an idea. Thus, first thing after the coffee: Opening up my excel file where I store all […]

marketing and branding

about how to communicate or no attars for America

Good morning from Zurich. I thank you all for your lovely wishes and lines on my last post. Her, I move forward again and jump back into my daily routines. Over the holidays, I was working on another portrait in oil of Mr. Trump. I like that one. I publish this in larger size on […]

what's up?


I haven’t been on the blog for while. On facebook et al the show goes on as it must go on. Here, on my blog, I feel a bit more private. These days, I am commuting between a hospital where a dear friend is fighting her last fight without any chance of winning. We all […]