creating scents

still going green

Yesterday, I packed 240 kg perfume and because this is so super boring I took breaks. Usually, I do not do “lunch” breaks in the sense of : I usually do not eat much during the day, but instead of eating I paint or do other brain twisting things. Like thinking about perfume formulas. Yesterday, […]

creating scents

Hyacinth and other treats

It is spring in Zurich, for sure and for real and it is fantastic. The hyacinths are in bloom on the veranda, more than last year as I planted more bulbs in autumn. Not all of them are equally fragrant and they do not smell exactly the same. But they smell and it is very […]

making ofmarketing and branding

some lonesome statistics and stories

Here’s a some statistical data for you. I changed the sample pricing for my Lonesome Rider on and charge 4 $ (US) per sample now. I was kickstarted to do so after a couple of zero price orders from perfume lovers. Before I share the data, here a few anecdotes and bits that are funny. On […]

marketing and branding

Heracles, without fragrant wonder molecules

Today, maybe hormone driven, I got up at 5 and recorded for 15 seconds on the balcony the birds singing and published it on Instagram where I have an andy tauer chanel. I guess, with Warhol’s “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”  in mind, this is the birds’ 15 seconds of fame. […]

marketing and branding

pink free

today I posted a picture on, without much text, expect mentioning that lonesome rider is basically pink free. I love the juxtaposition of the two pictures. Both of them are clichée, a bit, but one of them is more honest. Funny: I have this fragrance (trial) in my excel that is pretty much pink, and […]

creating scents

learning from the classics

Today’s picture: a pencil drawing based on Segantini’s painting of a dead goose. The drawing class that I am attending these days goes to museums, where we analyse paintings, discuss them, the flow, the proportions, the light, the texture and where we sketch them, trying to capture what makes a particular painting a particularly good […]

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art projects

Today’s picture is really too small to see. The original is 70×50 cm and an experimental acyrylic work. Let’s give it a title: Broken city. Or “failed experiment”. I was experimenting with spatula, brushes and lot! of water.  Not every experiment really works. On the perfume side of my daily life things work out nicely […]