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last minute preparations

Sorry for not talking too much lately. I was busy filling the tauer factory with stock of some goods before I leave for the US for a trip that will bring me to Chicago (Q Brothers), LA, SF (Tigerlily) and back to LA again for events. In LA I will be attending the Awards ceremony […]

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clean zones

Spring greetings from Zurich, using a photo that I took yesterday in the factory. I found the flower (dandelion) when taking a break, on the road, picked and forgotten. So I took the flower up to the factory room and fooled around with the phone and fruitchouli flash. Doing so, I realized again how important […]

marketing and branding


The other day, I read a post on Looking Feeling Smelling Great, a facebook group of and for perfume lovers, about fake perfumes that enter the markets. The issue is an issue and more and more we see cheapies entering the market. Some of the cheap, heavily discounted fragrances are the real thing, some are […]

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Tauer Perfumes made it to Australia or: Lonesome Hopper

Yes! I am so happy and proud: Tauer  Perfumes are now available on the continent down under at Men’s Biz. To celebrate this, which is the result of a couple of months work and discussions and analysis, I created a little kangaroo on paper that is out of proportion but looks cute. It looks cute […]

marketing and branding

Mark the date: Tauer's coming to Chicago

Yes, I will visit Q-Brothers in Chicago and they were so nice to organize a meet Andy event: Saturday April 30, from 1-4 pm And look what great poster they did for their shop window! By the way: Q Brothers (4716 N Lincoln Ave) is in a lovely area that I visited about 4 years […]

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cruelty free

The other day, I was on a perfume shopping site, offering scents with cruelty free musk. And, as I got an email the same day where a consumer asked me whether my scents are “cruelty free”, I figured it is time for a post. Of course, all my fragrances that I sell are cruelty free, […]

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lifestyle zone

I was answering interview questions for a lifestyle blog the other day. Details will follow when the interview goes life. And, like most of us, I think I am an interesting topic and love to talk about myself. That was the easy part. But, as it is a lifestyle blog and as blogs tend to […]

general thoughts


Today’s picture shows you a complete failure before it failed. It is anecdotal but a nice example of failing because of trying too hard. I had to gift wrap a booklet and decided to do a special thing: I wrapped it in thick drawing paper and sketched a rose with a soft pencil (giving high […]

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stretch goals

Today’s picture: My pink little tulips are about to start blooming on the veranda/garden. It all started with a few bulbs and every year the patch of pink tulips gets larger. Nice! Like all early tulips they do not last long but I have different varieties of tulips in the garden, with varying time to […]

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greetings from Switzerland

I published today’s picture (a Swiss cow) already on Sunday in the social media, wishing a nice Sunday. But, as it fits perfectly, I use it again here, wishing you a lovely week. A Swiss guy sending a cow picture over is quite clichées. I do not know how Switzerland managed to get this cow […]