Rose delight perfumed body oil
making of

the first one

Here’s a little “making of” before I am heading for the factory where more bottles are waiting for me to fill them, label them or pack them. Usually, I do a bit of everything as I am easily bored and cannot just do one thing all day. So the making of: Today’s picture shows you […]

marketing and branding

This is beta

Yes…. there we go. The last couple of days were busy and the next couple of days will be equally busy. Busy because I got large orders that need to be packed and get ready. Today’s picture shows you a box, with 2x 24 pcs as I pack them for air transport. The fragrances are […]

making ofscents

just a few drops

Today, here in Zurich, we are still in some sort of a hold position with a couple of depression systems that do not seem to move much. The JET stream is still not there where I wish it to be. It feels a bit like in a rain forest, but without the temperatures really. So, we […]