creating scents


Everything you always wanted to know about inspiration….. Today’s picture: I have used it before, in a different context; but it fits today’s post and hence the elephant gets a second chance. The picture, an elephant, acrylic on canvas (© tauer), is about 1.5 years old and depending on perspective it is a game, a […]

marketing and branding

das Beste aus Zürich’s Läden

This morning, I am totally happy as I got two news: Tauer Perfumes was featured in one of the largest newspapers here, online in their shopping recommendations, best of Zurich. That’s nice. And they loved most: L’air du désert marocain. YES! And then I opened facebook this morning and Sebastian Jara had a post telling […]

what's up?


Today’s picture shows you one example of objects that I “handle” right now. To handle is etymologically related to hand, I guess, and it is exactly what I do this days. Handle objects with my hands. Like this guy (picture of Lonesome Rider) with its cellophane layer around it. Again: by hand. I got better […]