PHI- une rose de Kandahar flacon before labeling
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technology is a miracle

Today’s blog post comes from within a train that brings me to Berne. I wish perfumery technology had advanced like IT. Imagine! Today’s picture shows you the state of works in perfumery. Flacons with perfume inside: These are actually PHI-une rose de Kandahar flacons sitting in the factory, waiting for labels and decoration. The train […]

marketing and branding

Fragrantica. A review and a thought beyond it

picture credit: Fragrantica Today, I share with you a review that just appeared on Fragrantica, about my novelties and I invite you to read about the newest release from Tauerville, my other story besides Tauer Perfumes. Here is the link to Fragrantica (where I got today’s picture, too). And here’s a thought that goes beyond […]

Andy Tauer at Pitti 2016
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a wonderful scented bubble

So I am back from Pitti, the fragrance fair in Florence, Italy. It still feels like I am in the midst of a big Tauer Perfumes cloud after 3 days of intense spraying and spritzing and talking about my creations. Time to get back to crisp and clear Swiss air. Pitti is a glamour world, […]


packing perfume in the factory

When I pack perfumes in the factory, I sometimes see the light reflecting on the hot embossed silver logo on the cardboard sleeve that protects the tin box. Here’s a close-up photo: With my face being reflected. So you see: From time to time I just have to procrastinate in the factory.

The first version of Air du désert marocain, lot 001

11 years of air du désert marocain

It is 11 years that L’air du désert marocain exists. I launched it 11 years ago in the most simple flacon you can imagine (see picture of today). It has been quite a journey since then…. Overall, the journey brought me up to new lands and discoveries, but it was a bumpy way, with many […]

Pencil illustration of Marylin Monroe
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smelling perfume brings the brain into a different state

Over the weekend, I was also playing with scents. It always helps calming down. I guess you experience the same: Smelling perfume brings the brain into a different state. To me, it is a state that comes close to meditation. The same is true for drawing, thus today’s picture: The Sunday pencil sketch of yesterday. Two […]