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a promise made true

With the year coming to an end, it is time to make my donation promise for December come true. I promised, early December, in  a video post on Facebook, to donate 10% of all Tauerperfumes.com online store turnover of the month December to charity, charity being the international committee of the red cross. I rounded […]

cleaning up the desk
creating scents

end year cleaning

This year, I gave myself a Christmas present: A new office bench. One that allows me to stand when working on the bench. It turned out to be a necessity because my shoulders do not handle sitting and writing on a keyboard anymore. Thus, I gifted myself with a new desk and before setting it […]

marketing and branding


Today’s picture shows you a screenshot of my Tauer Perfumes Facebook page, the way I see it. I see different things there than you. Let me share some insights about the facebook mechanics, and why you might have seen “promoted” content there coming from tauer, and why there are no free samples. If you look […]

general thoughts

white frost

Yesterday, the sun showed again, after a couple of days under a thick fog cloud. I went jogging, up the hill, and found myself in a fairytale landscape. All trees glittering in bright sunlight, covered with white frost. Amazing! The picture only vaguely reflects this magical moment. What a perfect start the jogging in crisp […]

drawings from the museum

it is 9 days before X-mas and I am getting ready for 2017

It has been quite a while since I found time and muse to write here on the blog. A lot has happened since then: My computer crashed a couple of times after updates/upgrades and convinced me that it is time to get  a new one. That will be part of the action plan 2017. One […]

general thoughts


Fragrant greetings! I was in the US, haven’t talked for a while, too, and got back and got sick. But now I am back up and running. Right now, I am actually on my way to Turin, where I will give a little speech about “clean”. Exciting. And I came up with a short video […]