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oh eau

So, yes: It’s been a couple of busy days here in the factory, trying to keep up with orders and communication. The newest kid in town is Eau. And as always: The first couple of days after the initial offering are usually rough because I get a lot of mails and messages and notes. After […]

making of


So, it is here. The L’eau. Finally. Eau is the fragrance mentioned a couple of times here; when I was discussing a clear (clean- but I do not like that term) fragrance I am working on. Yesterday, I went live on Facebook to talk a bit about it and to celebrate and just hang out […]

what's up?

Upgrade phobia and the Awards of the Institute for Art and Olfaction in Berlin

I have to admit it: I have an update phobia. I know that I have to run the regular updates on my apple phone and on my windows PC but try to postpone them. Because I have this phobia that after the update -that is supposed to keep my PC save and to make me […]