general thoughts

Today’s picture shows you a train, Rhätische Bahn, in the evening, passing by the entry to the Morteratsch valley, early in the night, with the last daylight reflecting from the snow mountains. I was there Friday night and took this photo while the train passed by my hotel room. So yes: That’s the view we got there. Kind of cool. And after weeks of doing weekend shifts and night shifts, I sort of needed this and felt like treating myself to it.

As it is spring now here in Zurich, and as winter seems to be over and gone and puff! everything grows and starts shooting up under a bright sun, I decided to say good by to winter by visiting it one last time. Up there, where they got lots of snow. Like 1. 5 meters or so. Amazing.

So, yes: I live in postcard land. Sometimes.

But contrary to what one might think when being deeply immersed in Facebook and Co.: Even in postcard land there’s work to get done. Today: Eau d’épices. I got the labels, without typo, and need the scent to go into bottles and into boxes and into more boxes, in order to ship to retailers and my own shelves. The box for Eau d’épices will be the rectangular metal box; time to switch there.

And while I do this: Here’s an idea for you. An interview, by Elena Vosnaki from Perfumeshrine, published on Fragrantica, with me, talking about “….doing the splits; between my playful creative process where I am coming up with my dreams, and the spreadsheets of bookkeeping and cash flow calculations….” Enjoy!