making of

a lot of sample vials

A new week, and sort of the same stories to start the day: Negotiations about Greece. Slowly but surely the Euro stories turn into picking over bones of a corpse that`s dead as a dodo. With a paralyzing effect on a variety of levels. And the drama, or soap opera, presents everything that does not work there, in the common currency game, on a silver tray. Does it matter? You bet! For the folks in Greece, for the folks paying the bills, for investors: like me, they all watch the game and start questioning what is going on and how did we get there.

Maybe, in the next hours after this post has gone life, there is some sort of solution. We will see. Although I cannot change anything there, it troubles me.

What can you do? Nothing, except moving on, head down, and trying to see the bright light that is waiting at the end of the tunnel.

And, maybe, try to get acquainted with the idea that the currency issues, the super weak Euro, exchange rate troubles, will continue to shake the ground we are walking on. These days, pessimistic as I am, I am still preparing for an exchange rate of the Swiss Franc (my home base currency where most of my costs are based) to the Euro of less than 1. Brrr. Frightening.

Anyhow: We keep moving on. Last Friday, we jumped big into air du désert boxing. And while doing so, the truck came with sample vials. A palette full of sample vials (and pumps of course).

The problem was: My supplier switched sample vial size. His new ones are smaller and do not fit properly into my discovery set box. Thus, my supplier and me talked about it and in the end found a deal: We get 50’000 done, half for me, half for him, and these 25000 got delivered, after they were custom made in France, last Friday.

Yes, that’s a lot! of sample vials.

And now, I wonder… maybe I have to push the discovery set a bit. I was thinking about making and offering pre-defined sets. Like “the 5 best sellers” or like “5 roses” or “4 roses and a surprise”. There is time, but I feel I need to come up with a better way of pushing one of the greatest products I offer online: The sample tin box, aka discovery set.