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A lovely review and news on the failed ebook project

Today, I share two news with you. One most lovely and interesting review of the Carillon pour un ange, and news on the Carillon pour un ange related e-book project that I consider a failure and stop by now.

I can feel how we are starting to look forward to spring. My planning looks forward  into spring and sun and warm temperature again. And flowers around me.  Thus, the review of Carillon pour un ange on the Non Blonde-Blog (click here) fits perfectly. It is lovely and beyond the fact that it is utterly positive, it reveals an aspect that I miss so often in discussions on perfumes: A note or an ingredient can be interpreted in different ways. Even if you do not love a particular component as a line or note in perfumes, not every perfume with this note will be a no-go perfume and not work for you. A rose can be done in a thousand different ways. You might fall deeply in love with version 999. I stumble over it so often: perfume lovers will not try fragrances because they see a note in the description that they do not like. Beyond the fact that a note is not always congruent with an ingredient: Not every note xyz is done the same way by every perfumer. And the more niche you go, the more you can expect notes and shades in perfumes done from scratch and not by reaching for the pre-mix bottle in the shelf.

I invite folks to challenge their likes and dislikes on a regular basis. Otherwise, you might deprive yourself of wonderful experiences.

Related to the Carillon pour un ange, I invited perfume lovers to share: I wanted to collect stories, pictures, poem, memories on Lily of the valley, collect them, layout them as e-book, and use this e-book for charity, channeling some of the media attention I will get in the next months away from the perfume to the e-book project. I imagined that we can motivate some 50 or so perfume lovers and bloggers alike to write a little piece of a few lines or a page, and take a moment to create and be part of a larger fabric. I thought so because I see all those bloggers and writers around me writing about all new launches and beyond. I announced the project in the major blogs, repetitively mentioned it, but only the misunderstanding that it is a draw gave me some contributions.

Thus, I was wrong.

My lesson learned: The community does not collaborate on such a project. I did not get enough contributions. We got most contributions because perfume lovers thought they can win in a draw.

My consequence: I stop this and I will do the charity for myself.

Please do not send any contributions anymore.