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about bottling, before and after

So , yes: Technically I should be in the factory since about an hour. I should be down there (10 minutes with the bike, downhill) and fill bottles, continuing there where I stopped yesterday: air du désert marocain. Air du desert followed Incense rosé, that I filled the other day, lots of bottles. Today’s picture shows you a dozen of them. And then, I should be putting labels on them and put them into a box and put them in the shelf before packing them later. Then, I should move on and do the same with Incense extrême.
Practically, I am still here, in front  of the computer, having tweaked an experiment formula  in my ever-growing excel list of perfume formulas.  And I think I will start putting this experimental formula into one of my 30 ml brown glass bottles. I was thinking a long time about this particular formula, and how to change it to the better. So I am a bit impatient to see how it might turn out. It is about time that I get somewhere there: I am working on it since more than 12 months.

The list, by the way, is an excel list and I mentioned this to a journalist in Bucharest, too. And yes, there was some disappointment in her face. I guess writing my formula into a dark brown old leather enclosed booklet with rusty iron buckles might do the trick. But then, excel is really very helpful. It counts for me, and makes it easier to end up with a formula that is based on 1000 units. These 1000 units are 12500 mgr=12.5 gram.  the 12.5 gramm are there for historic reasons, when I was still working with milliliters. These days, everything happens in grams and milligrams, as volumes are not additive. This means, that 1 liter of water and 1 liter of ethanol does not give you 2 liters of a mixture. Funny, he?

So, yes: milligrams. Trying to find harmony there, in excel, and expressing what I feel it should be like. The take is on tuberose again, trying to come up with a bright sensual  tuberose shining under the moon.

Regular readers of this blog know what I am talking about: Sotto la luna. Flowers under the moon. My take on them. Sotto la luna will, like the HOMAGES, be a line within the line of tauer. And I will talk more about it. Tuberose will be the third scent that I have in mind to go in there. Sotto la luna will be a little bit like my private collection. My flowers, the way I love them. And as it is a bit my intimate private thing, I will do some things differently there.

But first things first: factory.