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Another day another chance

Ein neuer Tag, ein neues Glück, as we say in German. I guess it can be translated into “another day, another chance/dollar”.

So I picked the happy face of an ad for Pippi Langstrumpf for today’s post, seen the other day on my way home from the post office. Actually, I passed the ad quite frequently last week: Last week saw me mostly in the factory and on the way to the post office: Shipping online shop orders and large orders from retailers. In the factory, I needed to fill some bottles and pack perfumes, lots of it, and with every box that I packed, I was thinking about next year’s changes. By probably April, or May, maybe June…  in about half a year from now… I will gradually, one after the other, move from old to new packaging. The old, meaning the one we have now, will start to vanish, over months, slowly but surely, the best sellers in the old packaging will disappear faster, the slow sellers will vanish in slowmo, maybe over a year or so.

There will be new and old mixed for a while, but I cannot do it in another way. And ,as I already got this question: There is no reason to wait for the new packaging, as I cannot precisely say when old will be replaced by new.

Another day, another chance. When it comes to the packaging: The chances here are to get an easier to pack, a more sturdy, and a touch more sensual packaging, without leaving the main tracks that I laid out to present my creations. I think the presentation of a fragrance is part of a synthesis, bringing my liquid fragrant creations together, synching them, with the outside world where visual and haptic experience become relevant. Thus, I want to add a bit of an enhanced haptic experienc to my packaging, too.

Online, as there are no visuals of the packaging, nor is a haptic experience possible, most changes will not become obvious. Mostly.

Anyhow, here’s the plan:

I will not change the flacon. I love this pentagonal flacon. But I will replace the labels on the flacon for something a bit longer lasting, a bit softer,  and a bit more sensual. And I will get another box, that will not be a pentagonal box anymore; it will be smaller and more elegant, but still metal. And I will get a protection for the metal box. The goal is to come up with a protection of the box that adds a modern yet sensual twist to the entire presentation and that makes shipment and packaging more simple. And I will get different labels for the box, allowing me to print most of them by myself  and gain some flexibility again. And I will do a little leporello booklet about myself and my world. Time to tell what Tauer Perfumes are all about. I got too many mails from customers and fans who think that I am a “big” corporate thing. It is important to let them all know that I am still a one man show, mostly, with some help by the W.-factor. Too many seem to think we are like xyz and actually, we are not. Nor are my scents.

Thus, to wrap it all up: Why change the packaging? Because after 2.5 years, I learned a few more things. Time to move on.