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another word on PHI

Today, I have another shipper coming by and picking goods up, there where I pack them- in the two room factory; some when during the day a truck driver will knock on the door and pick goods up. The problem: You do not know when they are going to make an appearance. Technically, it could be in an hour from now or in 9 hours from now. It is the second last shipment that needs to get out to retailers before I need to get to LA.

It was a busy week so far. With little down time really. So here’s the promise to self, another kind of selfie so to say (following up on the last blog post): Not many meetings in LA! Combing back to the topic of selfies: Interesting. I had my nieces over for dinner, and was shown the pictures of their holidays. Selfie, selfie, selfie, and jealousy inducing pictures of empty beaches and sunsets. I made a lot of pictures when I was in their age, using an analog click-o-matic kind of thing. No selfie there. Not one, really. But epic pictures of forests and rivers and trees. Digital picture taking does not only changes how we look at  pictures, objects, people, how we perceive them, but also very much how we take them and obviously also from what objects and people we take pictures in what way.

There are two things that I don’t really understand: One is …Why is selfie written with “ie”?

And finally, to end the selfie reflections:  I haven’t really any selfies on my phone. I have to change that.  My phone is full with sunsets, and pictures of flacons and flowers. Today’s picture shows you one of these: edited and cut out a bit. A detail from the PHI- une rose de Kandahar 50 ml flacon, in black and white, a picture with a lot of straight lines and angles. Black and white lets you imagine the color. And I chose to go black and white, as it kind of illustrating  that in the next days, perfume lovers will get their samples, and a black and white idea of PHI will start to develop color, and become real. I am really curious what colors you will you see.

But before that: I have to work on these orders as soon as Mr. truck driver made his appearance. Hurry up, please, Mr.