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back from LA

I guess I have used today’s blog title a couple of times the last few years. I am back from LA, since yesterday morning. Yeah. It sure was a great week, and I come back fully (re) energized and a hundred ideas that I collected while hiking up and down the hills in Joshua Tree National Park, or while just being there. From time to time it is important to be, and not do.

So I was in a to be mode for a while, and thought about a lot of things that happened to me the last few months in one way or another. Although I run this company, the scent selling enterprise Tauer Perfumes -and yeah: It is still pretty much a one man show!-  I consider myself sometimes and the longer the more a guy who creates than a guy who sells. I guess leaving from time to time for a few days allows me to keep this delicate balance: The constant dance on the needle’s tip, trying to get a living out of what I do by offering my creations in an industry that runs havoc, and creating whatever comes through my mind.

So I am back in Zurich, missing the bright light of southern California, and getting back to normal: Filling bottles (Vetiver dance today), shipping orders, and getting ready for the next adventure. As this dance on the needle’s tip makes me think not only about new forms, inspirations and shapes and colors of scents, but also about how to offer my bottled creations optimally, we will do some more packaging loops. It is like an artist who lives by selling his illustrations: At some point it makes a difference in which gallery and how you present your paintings  Thus, after a few days with a lot of time to get inspired in the dry crisp and bright desert air of Joshua Tree, after meeting friends and perfume lovers at Luckyscent’s scentbar, and coming up with ideas for the next year and Tableau de Parfums with Brian Pera in Los Angeles, I will hop into another airplane tomorrow, and head for Luxepack in Monaco. THE packaging fair for luxury items such as perfumes.

So I had a few days to come up with new fragrant ideas and I am looking forward to sharing these with you. And I had a wonderful scent gathering at the Scentbar, where I presented LORETTA  ,the latest offering of Tableau de Parfums (by the way: A great new location! You can do a virtual tour here. Check it out!), and LYS DU DÉSERT, my contribution to Luckyscent’s 10 year anniversary. I am looking forward to talking about this scent that I created specifically for Luckyscent, that is exclusively available there, and that was a secret project for more than a year now.

FINALLY, I can talk about it. Uff!

I guess I will do so in the coming day(s) and will do a draw for it. So stay tuned. And in case you have not participated yet: Do not miss your chance (three winners will be picked!) to win a full bottle of my range and to watch Brian Pera’s perfume spot on my blog: Click here to get to the post.

But first things first: Packing perfumes and a suitcase for Monaco. Let’s go!