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When working with scents and perfumes, when reading the regulations and legislation, you sometimes feel like you need extra protecting clothes at your workspace. There is only one way in which things go in Europe (EU) there: towards tighter and denser regulation. Thus, one fine day, we might indeed wear protective garment like in the picture when working with fragrances.

I was at “BAUHAUS” yesterday, buying banalities such as bamboo sticks for my tomato plants, and I took today’s picture there. I love Bauhaus. Bauhaus is butch.  Bauhaus is large. A walk from one end to the other goes for a hike, almost. Bauhaus has a feminine side, too. You can buy protective plastic gear for the outdoor stove there. Bauhaus is the materialized potentiality, of what could be.  I love to stroll through Bauhaus, touch those big drillers, pick my favorite color in the paint department and choose planks for an imaginative factory remodelling: It is the same potentiality that makes me go through Flacon catalogues online on a weekly basis: Here’s a nice one, actually. Coverpla (click here to have a quick look at their site).  Perfume Bauhaus.

Actually, yes, please have a look. You will be amazed how many flacons from how many brands actually are standard flacons. It is like in Bauhaus: Getting your perfume built and bottled has become quite easy these days.

On the other hand, me thinks: a non standard flacon makes all the difference.