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beautiful otherness

I could not resist writing today’s title for this post: Right now I am listening to “Beautiful Otherness by Bent, on Everlasting Blink”. So today’s post is about skin. And a piece of thought that kind of struck me while in Portland and discussing what makes a tauer scent a tauer scent. I realized that my skin sort of burns a lot of fragrances in a blink. Nothing everlasting for many fragrances on tauer’s outside bag, holding my internal things together.

So, I discussed and I realized that one reason why my scents are a bit on the strong side and a bit different to what you get on the market might actually be my skin, besides my nose. And then I started wondering what my fragrances would smell like if I had a different gender, and a different skin. And then I stopped, as there is no saying anyhow. But it is interesting to think about it: What can you tell about a particular perfumer’s nose and his or her skin, looking at his or her creations, assuming that the perfumers are testing the fragrances by themselves and judge them by how they develop on them?

Skin is a fantastic material. And quite difficult to paint, actually. Today’s picture shows you a skin detail, a cut out of a drawing I did on the ipad, being bored and drawing Mr. anonymous.