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book keeping and book writing magic

a week in reflectionToday is Sunday. Time to have a look into the Sunday newspaper (5 min) and shake your head. We have undoubtedly entered the slack season and the holidays here in Europe started with the traffic jam on the Gotthard road south, like every year with the Gotthard tunnel being the rate limiting factor in the private transport chain from north to south through the alps….

We will hit south, too. But the plan is to use the bike, from Geneva to the Mediterranean. I figured this is easy. Overall, it will only go downhill.

But back to the Sunday: I look back to an exciting week. The new website is working fine. The first 300 flacons of the “UNE ROSE VERMEILLE” are filled. I counted my stock (ufff!) and my bookkeeper will use the numbers and do his magic. And I feel like Alice in book keeping wonderland. I 100% unconditionally totally admire my book keeper (the W.-factor) who understands the numbers forth and back. I used to only have a simple excel file: What comes in and what goes out. Now we have this double entry bookkeeping and I am simply amazed how you can look at numbers from all different perspectives.

Anyhow: This week featured a nice start of the “A MOMENT WITH LILY OF THE VALLEY ” community book writing project. There was one little misunderstanding:

THIS E-BOOK PROJECT CONTINUES UNTIL EARLY 2011! And I need more contributions and hope that I can motivate many more…

I will continue collecting the contributions from the community and will start working on the publication of the e-book by early 2011. Then, by spring 2011, I will use the media and press that I get in spring to push this e-book and make sure that it sells, because all profit goes to charity. Thus, there is time to contribute and no hurry.

I wish you a great Sunday.

Today’s picture: a mountain carnation, seen on Wednesday.