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carrying things like a Labrador

While hiking in Joshua Tree a while ago  I picked up a rusty beer crown, sitting somewhere on the ground in the desert and I put it into my backpack. I figured it will remind me one day in this hike. It did.

After I passed the security checks in Chicago, getting semi naked and trying to assemble everything that was mine after the x-ray scan, I found it again and remembered Joshua Tree. In the mean time it has become an object with a history. Sitting in this backpack of mine, it has seen Zurich, Los Angeles, passed by Philadelphia, Chicago, will soon see London and Oldenburg. Being an inanimate object, it nevertheless is charged, with pictures and emotions.

I guess we all do. Pick things up and start carrying them with us like Labradors. By picking them up, we bond to objects. And then we carry them with us. I try to carry as little as possible, but nevertheless end up picking objects on a daily basis. Like my newest gadgets, or bottles, or pieces of paper with print that I have a hard time throwing away. From time to time I try to get rid of a lot of them. I try to give myself free space again. I try to get rid of whatever holds me in time and space, in order to breath freely and see where I need to go next.

When it comes to brands and businesses, it is quite comparable. You add things to your brand. Scented papers, bottles, fragrances, labels, designs, text. Next year, it will be two years of the new look in tauerville.  Next year will be time to seriously look into things.

And, next year, I will also need to decide what I am going to do with a few scents such as the Cologne du Maghreb. We will offer this cologne for some time at indiescents.com in the old tauer flacon, with the white box and ribbons around it, (launch November 29),… more on this developing story soon. I am still very undecided whether I should pick up another object or not.