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Today’s picture shows you a little ( more or less post card sized) illustration that is one of the results of yesterday’s watercolor class. Yes. It is very cliché. I painted it following a picture, and have no idea what mountains these peaks actually are. Maybe they are somewhere in the US?  No clue here: Any guess?

So there we go: Cliché. I love them, we all do. They are all around us. There’s tons of cliché when it comes to perfumery, and -sometimes- when giving presentations I feel like: Lets enlighten the listeners. Deep down there I am still a little bit a scientist. Thus, during the radio talk the other night, there was the cliché of perfumes and pheromones and how perfumes can be used by its wearer to attract the innocent, unknowing guys or girls. Cliché. Forget it.

But then, we all love cliché, and why destroy them if we all love them.

While travelling to the place where the radio talk took place (in a cool bar), I googled “perfume ad”. Wow. Talk about cliché.

Here’s a nice “counter” cliché picture that I found there, too. I love this one. Here’s the link. As I am not sure about the copyrights, I prefer not to publish it here, but please, check the link.

“Cliché”, is what I thought yesterday night, watching for some time Home Order TV (jewellery section), as I sometimes do before going to bed when suffering from restless brain syndrome. There is nothing more soothing than 15 minutes home order TV. It is like a church service. And they sell. That’s a least what they tell us. It is selling, in the most professional way, and I bet: They are profitable. Which brings me right to the last point of this post: Amazon (still) running in deficit mode. How cool’s that? There is nothing wrong with Amazon. From time to time I get stuff there, too. But here’s the thing: There, in this industry, profit right now seems not to be that important. A classical cutthroat competition.

One last point, so to say “something to think about for the weekend”: Two days ago, when watching a show about money, a priest actually said something interesting, and it is sort of in line with me watching home order TV, and thinking “church service”. The priest said, referring to `money makes the world go round`: Actually, this is heresy. So there you go. Have a great weekend.