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clouds and orange amberland

Today’s picture: A quick peek at some Orange Star flacons, in the “factory”, after they got their labels on, and before they get the top cover, and end up in boxes on the shelf. I took it the day before yesterday, when filling another 200 bottles of this sappy citrus zest orange blossom amber gris loaded fragrance.

Orange amberland!

Not every fragrance is a true joy when filling it into bottles/flacons. Even when working really clean, with gloves, and dispensing 53-55 ml fragrance into pentagonal flacons (I am always filling my flacons with a bit more than I need to) using a 10 liter dispensing tool: You are exposed the fragrance. All the time. And as much as I love my lily of the valley: There is a point where these innocent white little bells just ring too loud.

Orange Star, for me, never enters this loud territory. Thus, happy bottle filling there. The labels, mirrored on the flacon, were the reason why I took this picture. When taking it, I wanted to tell you that they come on sheets, some 50 per sheet, digitally printed, with an extra layer of lamination. The perfect lamination after search for quite a while…Having switched supplier about 3 years, I got a much better protective lamination, a better price, without the need to get thousands of these. And a reliable service.

But when syncing the picture from my Nokia windows phone onto skydrive, optimizing it a bit in photoshop, syncing it into adobe cloud, to put it on facebook later and insert it into this post in low res, I realized that this picture might end up being synced into my Mozy cloud backup, too, and if I feel like it, I could put it onto a  few other cloud spaces I have access to and use these days. The time’s over when I was searching for my data and pictures on various flash cards. I put them up now into the various clouds and here’s the thing: Although everything’s changed, things are the same. I forget about the pictures, and can’t find them anymore if I need them, after a while.

But then: I have never “produced” so many photos in my life like now. With every photo that I take additionally, they all become less important, in a sense. Data trash, synced with double redundancy.

This is the difference to painting: Every painting added makes the sum of paintings more interesting.

I guess, perfumes are like paintings there.