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Consolidation of a newsletter

Today’s picture shows you the result of one of my activities yesterday: Getting passport-ready photos done, without glasses, not smiling, showing no teeth, for a visa application that needed to get out yesterday, super urgently, as there are not many days left to get it done. I did the photos in one of these do-it-yourself booth, trying indeed not to smile. The result is not entirely pleasing.

Now, don’t ask me why they want a picture without glasses, although I wear glasses all the time. Other highlights yesterday: finally moving on with the tauerville newsletter version 2. Some of you might remember how I discussed in great length the design of a brochure. During my summer break I sort of decided that I will finish it (I am almost there, actually), but that I first should really consolidate. Consolidation is in a sense boring. Because it means to take care and bother about things that are there already. But a couple of activities in the coming weeks will see me consolidate. Ah well….

Like my newsletter, that I have not used as tool since quite a while. The reasons: Too complicated to send, not nice enough, no reactions. So I decided: No new stuff before I haven’t consolidated older tools.

By the way: In a certain way, the Explorer Set is also a consolidation. It strengthens the already existing scents. I hope so at least.

So, yes, I will soon send off a newsletter again, and will then continue to do so every 1-2 months. I really want to do “things” a bit more aggressively. A touch louder. And I decided that I do not worry about recipients not reacting, but will build in some goodies in the coming editions to get reactions and make it worth reading the thing. And I promised to myself to keep the text to a minimum. Keep it short, stupid!

There was time, too, yesterday, while waiting for my health insurance confirmation for the visa, coming in by mail, to work on it (in Chimpmail): Getting a simple general layout. Define some rules, like: One product per newsletter only. Today, I am waiting for the postman again: I need one last thing before two Fedex shipments can leave the factory today. And on the side, I prepare another shipment of desert air. Tomorrow, we will leave for Florence and guess what: I am not ready yet.