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das Beste aus Zürich’s Läden

This morning, I am totally happy as I got two news:

Tauer Perfumes was featured in one of the largest newspapers here, online in their shopping recommendations, best of Zurich. That’s nice. And they loved most: L’air du désert marocain. YES!

And then I opened facebook this morning and Sebastian Jara had a post telling me that Lonesone Rider will be featured in the next OUT magazine.

So… I was off for a great start this morning.

Next will be: Heading for the factory where a palette with novelties is waiting patiently for its pick-up by a truck. The novelties will go to Italy where I will present two new creations of mine during the Pitti Fragrance fair, Sept. 9-11. One Tauer Perfumes, one tauerville, and yes: I am totally excited.

And yes: My lips are sealed until September 9.