Give aways and goodies

Day 17 of the advent calendar, and wishes

This draw is closed. Dec. 18 waits for you with another chance. Thank you! Welcome to day 17 of the advent calendar: Today, you can win again a discovery set, by just leaving a comment you’re in and with a bit of luck will pick you.

Today, I shipped another explorer set to a winner of the previous days: There are more prizes like the explorer set, thus stay tuned!

And yesterday, I talked to my sister-in-law: Children’s’ wish lists, four of them. These days, the wish lists get pretty long as here in our days and our place, we live happily in plentifulness. I am quite sure that my wishlist for the holidays, back then when I was a child, was pretty long, too. Maybe a touch less expensive, as back then, in the sixties, early seventies, money was tighter.

These days, grown up, my wish list is pretty small. I mentioned it before: A pad to write and work with. There are other wishes for the holidays, but these do not very materialistic really. Like peace for our time. Health for my friends. And tranquility to accept what cannot be changed.  And happy moments with friends and family. And laughter under the x-mas tree. And a couple of other things, like “please, please, please: Sun!”.

This was the inspiration behind today’s x-mas tree: A couple of wishes for the holidays (a higher resolution is going to appear on facebook). This illustration was done with airbrush colors, using regular brushes, not with watercolor.

And here’s the thing: I will probably not follow the children’s wish list too much. Surprise, surprise!