Give aways and goodies

Day 19 of the advent calendar

uiuiui…. we are approaching fast towards the end of this advent calendar. 4 more days after this post. A number that you can count down with one hand. No need for excel. Thus, I feel it is time for panic mode now, as I still did not find the time to head downtown for some gifts.

Time to hurry! Unfortunately, I need to work in the factory today, and I have to work conceptually, on some changes and adjustments for 2013. Maybe I try to stand the panic and wait until tomorrow with my few x-mas presents. And get those little presents and gift boxes and soaps wrapped and the gold ribbons curled tomorrow.

To be honest: I love, love, love to work conceptually, and I could invent another brand and another product and come up with exciting scents every day. Mostly during jogging in the woods. It is like ideas are in the air there.  There is so much you can do in the entertainment business: I sometime think perfume business is an entertainment business. Entertaining the nose and other senses. I like this. Sometimes, I wonder why there are some many copies of copies of copies of concepts and scents around, though. It must be the fresh air missing.

Today, in the draw, you can choose your prize: Either you pick and win a fragrant soap, Mandarines ambrées, or you pick your prize to be a sample set with 5 samples from my line of Tauer scents.

And as usually, you enter by commenting here, saying hello. And if you feel like saying more: I wonde…are you in panic mode, yet?

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