Give aways and goodies

Day 2 of the advent calendar

Your chance to win a discovery set (samples, 5x 1.5 ml, comes in a tin box) in our advent calendar. Just leave a comment here, on this blog: It does not matter really what you say here, and all winners are always picked randomly. If you win: You will get a mail from me. Good luck!

I love this season: It is cold outside, and warm and cozy inside; the evenings are long and dark. They come with a hint of melancholy which is nice, and the beauty of glittering lights  everywhere. The nights are darker than they are in summer.

Yesterday, cycling home from a diner with friends, through a rather cool winter night, it felt like riding into a sea of light.  For sure, these days before December, there are more lights than after the holidays.

We don’t decorate the house with light  here: No chain of lights, no lightened bears or deer or alike outside.

Do you?

Zurich in the night

Zurich, in the night, December 1 2013