Give aways and goodies

Day 22 of the advent calendar 2013

We are soon coming to the end of my advent calendar. Today, you can win again a sample discovery set, and tomorrow, well… tomorrow’s worth a visit here, on the advent calendar starting page. To enter today’s draw: Just leave a comment here on this post. Thank you, good luck and a great Sunday to you!

Today’s picture is a quick snapshot done yesterday evening at friends where we were invited over for dinner. This is one of the nicest part of the holidays….

In a twister of all the things to do and all the odd information that pours over us these days, commercials that are so wrong and far away from what the holidays are and should be, the wrenching and blablabla of photoshopped super slimmed women -to a certain level beyond anorexia- adoring and worshiping a golden bottle  like the Golden calf , and men being in fights in order to later hold a silver flacon in their hand, and all the other commercials shades of this holiday…

getting together with friends, in dark cold nights and enjoying the warmth of candles and the treasure of good food. The nicest part of the holidays.