Give aways and goodies

Day 7 of the advent calendar. with a delay

This is day 7 of the advent calendar and it comes — due to force majeur! –with a delay. But I will leave it and the draw open a little bit longer tomorrow to compensate.

Here in Zurich it is windy, cool, grey, very grey, rainy, and … yes, grey. soon it will be dark, but  right now it is like it was 5 hour ago. grey. And if I say grey, I mean it.

Thus, the prize of today’s post is a bright Cologne du Maghreb, sent to the winner where ever he or she lives. Picked from the comments section below by The only thing you have to do is leave a comment. Maybe you want to share what the sky looks like on your side of the planet. Or just say hello. Everything goes.

Have I told you already: Here it is grey.

This draw is over. Click here for the day 8 advent calendar page.