Give aways and goodies

day 9 of the advent calendar 2011

Welcome to day 9 of the advent calendar 2011. The last few days were just wonderful and I thank you ALL, for your enthusiastic comments. Today, you can win something that you cannot buy. Nowhere.  Just leave a comment below and make sure that you take your chance today.

This very morning, I saw the sun rising and the sky exploding in colors. It was the first thing I saw. Well, actually: It was the second thing. The first thing was my face in the mirror, after a short night and a bit too much work yesterday. I took the phone and did a quick photo (of the sky, not my face) . You see it bellow. Actually, it looks almost nicer than reality.

And then I figured: I will need to make the soap “Mandarines ambrées” today and started my working day. It is a glycerin soap that I make every year for X-mas, as gift for friends and family and a few, very few selected winners. I will pour them in a few hours. And you can win one. It smells fresh, citrussy, yummie and with a hint of a vibrant amber gris. And it is expensive to make….And, as we got so many comments in the last posts: I will also give a consolation prize: A cologne du Maghreb. Thus, two chances for you today!

Just leave a comment, anything goes. As always: I will pick the winner by and let you know by e-mail. If you wish you can tell the world what you have seen, first thing, in the morning. Enjoy your day!

This draw is closed now. Please visit the advent calendar page for the next draw of December 10.