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double whopper of draws

I am off for the last business meeting this week. We sit together with the IT gurus in order to discuss a few fixes and enhancements. And to be honest: I did a lot of IT projects with external partners, back then in my old job as IT manager, and I assure you: This project was going through smoothly and just fine. is a highly recommended parter!

The rest of the day will see us preparing flacons and stocking up boxed perfumes.

And bit walk into perfume construction space, but before I can talk about this experimental walk, I need to check a few things and make sure all is fine there.  Sorry for being so secretive!   And finally, if you have not seen it yet, A DOUBLE WHOPPER OF DRAWS:

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Your chance to win two Carillon pour un ange on Perfume Smelling Things -> click here and enjoy Tom’s review. Thank you, Tom, thank you so much!