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experience center

While I am writing these lines, my partner is calling the Miele Experience Center. This is newspeak for hotline. For once, I like this newspeak. Nice. I want an experience center, too. We are surrounded by newspeak and usually I do not realize it because like most of us I am getting used to terms like Quantitative Easing, meaning desperate measures. The next measure there, in the world of $ and banks, would be “quantitative flying” when Mr. Dragi, head of the European Central Bank, sits in a helicopter and throws money out of in the air, hoping that somebody will actually take it and spend it.

In an hour I will meet a friend for a quick sniffing round: What a nice way to start a busy week. Sinking into scents and forgetting the ups and downs of shipments and production, not worrying about anything for an hour.

Then I will have to head for the factory and send parcels out of there.

It is going to be a busy week with a couple of meetings. One of them is a meeting with my IT gurus. The Tauer Perfumes website is now almost 5 years old and it sucks out all the computing power of the shared servers; which means that my website adds a heavy load, more than necessary and basically it means that the Magento system is getting old and outdated and it is time to update and upgrade and change.

That’s probably going to be a project for 2016 and I am looking forward to it, too. Maybe I can get an “experience center” there, on instead of a good old contact page.

And today’s picture: A cowboy, a quick pencil sketch, done yesterday before jogging.