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FIFI award UK and airport security

In the mean time, some you might have heard it: My Orange Star won the Fifi award UK for best niche 2010. This is sort of a wow! thing and come as a total surprise, at least to me. I wish to say thank you to my supporters at basenotes (kisses and hugs to you all!) and I think, I want to say thank you to the organizers of the FIFI awards, the UK fragrance foundation: Well done and very generous! Merci.

Another guy who was very happy, besides me, was the W.-factor at home who is prouder than me these days. Thus, here is a thank you to the W.-factor who makes sure that all runs smoothly when I am abroad and beyond!

And for all of you who wonder how the world looks watching it through the FIFI glass award: See today’s picture to the left. Be warned, though: Do not travel with a FIFI award. The glass is made of some sort of crystal glass and airport security cannot scan it. This leaves you standing with security at the airport for 30 minutes, doing the full security program with some sort of explosives scan, inspecting your back-pack in all detail, yes:  putting it all onto the table, and trying to explain to them what FIFI really means.

Anyhow, it is amazing how much stuff you can put into a hand baggage carry on back  pack (a huge pile of things).

I wish you all a lovely weekend and send you some photo impressions from the FIFI awards ceremony 2011 in the Banqueting House in London.

Here ‘s the last thought for the weekend: I was the only guy in jeans up there. And I guess I am the first guy who was on stage to get his price in blue jeans. I am so happy that this is possible.

the reception apero

the banquet

the FIFI show program

the party afterwards (goooood!)