what's up?

flowers under the moon

It is quite busy here. I need to get a lot of stuff done before I can leave over the weekend for LA.

So, I will keep this post short and tidy. One of the few things that I did that are truly interesting for me, as it is like driving a nail into something that was fluffy and optional so far: I registered SOTTO LA LUNA in Switzerland, and will use this registration to apply for protection in other countries.

So this is sort of good. What made me register and protect the idea: The gardenia scent is finished and those few who sniffed it gave it a thumbs up. And I am optimistic that other (white) flowers will follow. And second, I realized that I really love the idea. Flowers in moonshine. White flowers. I think it is a great idea. What was an idea only at first, gardenia trials later, this has morphed into an invoice flying in soon, more flowers in excel to come, and overall it is just incredibly exciting.

Timeline. Think “2013”. I guess, that’s about a year from now.

And with this and a little sketch of a ideal white flower bud, I go back to the factory and do my stuff that needs to get done.