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going to Baumarkt

Today’s picture: I published it yesterday already on my facebook page (www.facebook.com/andy.tauer) , oil pastel, on paper, done with a couple of limited colors from the Sennelier collection (the best oil pastels in my humble opinion). It was the second picture done in oil pastel only, I worked on it for an hour or so and when I showed it here in the house, I got something back like “nice, a bit kitschy, but nice”.

So I shared it on facebook and I think it is one  of the pictures with the most comments and the most “likes” which is great! Do not ask me why.

I smeared the colors, blended the oil pastel, using my fingertips and loved the intimate connection.

When I create perfumes, or better said: When I mix my trials, then I am always wearing gloves. Although I love the intimate connection to scented mater, I try not to get scented stuff onto my fingers. You know: Bergamot oil is one thing on skin. Vetiver or Cashmeran is another thing. Actually, vetiver is nicer than cashmeran. Cashmeran, you might have heard about it, maybe even seen it as note listed, is a fun molecule. Here’s its Wikipedia page. I haven’t really come across what is described as ” chypre, balsamic and vanilla notes” (besides the core musky woody notes, although Cashmeran is not a musk, really). I get the musky and somewhat harsh odor profile, and sort of miss the “sensual cashmere feeling”, but that might just be me. Anyhow: Cashmeran is sort of sticky and I definitively do not want to get it onto my hands. Therefore, gloves.

I learned that a lot of people of cashmeran. To me, it is quite an aggressive scent. But then: Scent is so subjective. I haven’t used Cashmeran in most of my scents, but in a few upcoming scents you might find it, because…Here’s the thing: I learned that although by itself alone I do not like it, it does wonders in compositions. Can do wonders. So there you go: Sometimes, as creator, as artist, you have to go beyond what you enjoy working with.

And sometimes, you even have to hit the real world where folks are talking business and volumes and margins and sales pitches and all that. Not easy. The more you are an artist, the harder this might be. Lucky me, I do not really consider myself an artist. Thus, when doing a little sales pitch the other day, and sniffing some things there at the sales pitch place, I went like: Wow. It is amazing how banal most of this stuff is.

And you know what: it sells.

And you know what: That’s ok. There’s something in there for all of us. Just one wish: Please do not compare mine with theirs.

The same is true for today’s highlight: There’s something in there for all of us in ….Baumarkt! (think hardware store, huge!). I need to get some cardboard boxes from my supplier, will have to use the car, and as Baumarkt is right around the block, I will be heading there, too. I love Baumarkt. Together with housewifes, workmen, and bank directors I dream the dream there, of building a bright future. And Baumarkt has canvases, too!