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Happy Thanksgiving

First and most important: A happy Thanksgiving to you all! Enjoy the warmth of the season and let us indeed all be thankful for a moment.

Whatever the year might have brought to us, wherever we are, and however we might feel after another year inside the movie theater where the film of our live is playing: There is always a reason to be thankful. And be it just the fact that we are still here, and most of our family and friends are.

When leaving the hotel in LA, one of the cleaning guys wished me a “happy thanksgiving”. I smiled and said “thank you. I wish you a happy thanksgiving, too. You know, I am on my way back to a place where we do not celebrate thanksgiving really. But we have Christmas. ” Seriously?”, he commented, and went on with  “oh, that’s sad! But then: Happy Christmas to you!”

Leaving the hotel, I left a view that looked a bit like that:

Looking over to 101, water color

looking over to 101, Hollywood, evening


And yes, you bet: I miss this view already. It is not super spectacular: Just overlooking highway 101, cars and stuff basically.

And, yes, you bet:  I miss the light and serenity of the desert where I was for a couple of days, but I am very grateful that I could visit at all, again. And that there was time, besides business that brought me over, to enjoy a couple of days in solitude.

You know: Getting out of town has become quite tricky for me. In the sense of … getting out of town for more than a day or two and without taking care of the daily business. August sees me preparing September. September sees me bringing new fragrant things to Italy (and other places), October sees me filling the shelves of my factory and the distributor’s shelves, November sees me sending out tons of orders for the holidays additionally and December, well…

So it is not always easy to get out, but you have to do it! Why?  See today’s picture on the left.  These boulders, the crisp air in the morning, the bright sun during the day, the stars blinking in the night, the cleansing peace of silence, the relieve when the sun goes up and the first beams hit your face, the grace when it goes down and you can start the fire; it’s energy, pure.

So there we go: Back in Zurich where the sun shines too, but differently. Back to work, with a big smile on the face.

And, although this year brought also dire news to friends and family, a happy Thanksgiving to you all!