what's up?

Here we are preparing for a workshop

Good morning from rose centric Zurich these days. After sunny and finally! warm weekend I am looking forward into a busy week. Towards the end of the week, I will head to Bologna, for the Smell Festival, where I got the privilege of an invitation to give a workshop. This year’s theme is “dreams” and I figured that we might dream about roses.

And I figured that it might be a perfume lovers dream to actually work with roses and everything that makes an evocative rose.

And I figured that we might want to dream about Afghanistan’s rose.

Thus, I ended up preparing a workshop where the participants are given the chance to dream of roses from Afghanistan. I made dilutions of all ingredients that are part of the fragrance PHI – une rose de Kandahar, and the participants are given the opportunity to experience for themselves how simple, how complicated, how delicate, how brutal, how frustrating, how rewarding  fragrance creation actually is. I will give some help, of course.

Today’s picture shows you part of the 100 ml aluminum bottles prepared already.

I hope that it will be an interesting experience for all of us, and fun. Before I can travel there, however, I need some sort of text that explains what we will do during the workshop. Otherwise: Chaos.

So there we go: Texting.

edited: I forgot to mention… the workshop is booked out. Sorry!