what's up?

in a waiting position

I am waiting these days.

For the sun: It is almost all day long grey and I have not seen the sun for a while.

For spring: I am tired of temperatures around zero Celsius and long for the warmth of the sun and the damp fragrance of earth and the silver light on wet leaves sprinkled with water pearls and the narcotic fragrant hyacinth poison.

For the green flacons: I want to fill the Linden blossom theme into these flacons, label them with my collectibles stickers and ship them.

For Rome: I want to go there, to be with friends and perfumers,  toasting and greeting the press at the occasion of a new super shiny shop opening close to the Piazza di Spagna.

For me, becoming more patient: I need to get used to waiting.

Today’s picture: A black and white snowdrop. I look at it as a beginning.