Kraftort is German, and I guess it does not really translate well. Power place. A place where there is power, where you can plug in (figuratively) and recharge. Today’s picture shows you such a “Kraftort”, where I was over the weekend. In the Alps, at the foot of a glacier (100 years ago the hotel was built at its foot, these days you have to walk for 30 minutes to get to the glacier, though), with an incredible view. I sketched the view in watercolors, just a quick sketch, looking into the valley, with the glacier hiding behind a line of trees, before leaving. And as so often: The quicker the better.

It is one of these places where you feel in balance and where you can forget the everyday forth and back, feeling a strong gratitude for the good things that happen to you. I am very blessed and know that a lot of good things happened to me recently.

This short trip up there was also a good bye to winter. Snow, snow hiking, the silence of crisp cold air. And now, down here in Zurich again: Done with winter. Hurray!