what's up?

me, before the presentation

…in glamorous environment.

I took the mirror picture in the rooms where members of the circolo dei lettori in Turin can come, sit, read, be. Basically a public reading room, open for members. Stunningly decorated rooms, full of history, uncounted read books lingering in the air.

I took the picture before my presentation. After the presentation, I was a bit tired. Being out and presenting what I do, my world of scents and my values is always tiring, and drains a lot of energy. Tonight, there will be another appearance, by Andy. A radio show, a new format, on the Swiss culture radio channel SRF2Kultur, to be aired in May 2015.  Maybe the discussion will be aired end October, 29th, too. And… it will be fun! The topic is seduction, and we , a couple of players in various fields, will discuss, in a bar in the evening, which is cool. Here is the announcement of the event, on the Galicia bar’s website.

In German, seduction translates in “Verführung”, and it goes back to “führen”, guiding. “Verführung” basically comes from guiding someone from here to there, whereby there is a place that might have slightly negative connotations. You know: Guiding someone towards a bit slippery territory, shady area. Perfumes can for sure seduce. But so can perfumers. And marketing guys working for perfumery companies. Seduction to buy….

I think, a very simple approach to seduction by perfume is: With perfumes, you can reach out further, attract somebody, like a flower attracts by its scent, from a distance. It is like creating a scented sphere around you, telling the world: Here I am and I am smelling interesting. And nice, hopefully.

But maybe seduction by perfumes means also changing one’s body odor, and thus bemusing, puzzling the counterpart, hiding your body’s scented messages.

I am looking forward to tonight’s get together. Very much. And while labelling bottles today in the factory, there will be ample time to muse about seduction.