what's up?

me in blue

in blue. Today’s picture shows you a self made picture of me, through the phone’s backside camera, inside overhanging ice of the Morteratsch glacier. It is all very blue due to the frozen water, breaking the light and bringing about a surreal effect, with the encapsulated air bubbles inside the ice  looking like extraterrestrial. I was meeting my Italian business partner for a day, and we picked a place that was intended to be inspiring, calming and motivational. I picked the Morteratsch region for its beauty, and the because the air there is different.

Together, we planned 2013, talking about the past and the future, about past year’s perfume bottles that left the shelves and found new homes, and about 2013’s perfume bottles that should see the world (the new scent for 2013 will be NOONTIDE petals) and that will end up on the shelves at Pitti Fragranze in Florence in September 2013, the biggest artisanal perfume show and fair in Italy, and that should find their way to Italian homes and into the heart of perfume lovers in 2013. Thus, it was a meeting day where we aim at getting the complete Italian picture in 2013. Intense.

Sometimes, in between bottles and boxes and ideas and creative thunderstorms, it does good to calm for an hour or two. We did so by walking to the glacier. There, alone and little in a grand nature, you can touch what feels a little bit like an eternity. What a nice contrast to the fast and faster turning world of fragrances and flacons.