what's up?

more guru meetings

We enjoy a remarkable summer so far. Up in the thirties day in, day out, with rain or thunderstorms in the evening for a nice and decent cooling down over night. It is a touch too hot to work during the day, thus I end up doing the heavy stuff in the morning. Heavy stuff means: Carrying around boxes with flacons or boxes. The flacons come in boxes of 72 bottles, the tins in boxes of 24, and as we are about to count all stock (kind of a mid year adventure) and as we have to re-arrange some stock, this translates in to some lifting boxes. In the afternoon, we do the easy stuff. Such as flacon pouring. Yesterday, we finished the first 300 or so UNE ROSE VERMEILLE, today we plan another juice… hmmm: I guess it will be RÊVERIE AU JARDIN.

When doing so , I will continue thinking a bit on a few constructions (perfume formulas) I am working on -mostly in my head, due to missing time to actually pour and mix. BUT, I decided and I hope that I can stick to it: I want to continue working on formulas more often, now that the web stuff is sort of over.

Sort of, there is another meeting with the IT gurus next week, discussing some details that do not work properly, yet. Or that need a bit of a cosmetic change. Actually, there are three more meetings planned for next week. Branding gurus, shop guru and the wood guru who makes the black wooden tops.

I wish you a lovely weekend!