making ofTableau de Parfums

More on samples

yesterday, I finished filling and preparing the pentachords flacon stock for White, Verdant and Auburn.  Next: Incense rosé.

And I finished the ordering and design forth and back of the sample packaging for Tableau de Parfums.

I will produce dab vial samples, offer them in a cardboard envelop, and we think we will include a DVD that introduces the art and passion behind Woman’s picture and TdP. The DVD will be important as Tableau de Parfums is part of Woman’s picture, a larger initiative. But I will not sell these samples on my website (this is the plan today). This will free me from spending too much time preparing sample packs, dealing with questions about why we ship not here and there and why we ship not with a courier for free and other questions that sound silly but in the end are not.

Coincidence or no: We had some discussions going on on samples in yesterday’s blog comments and I would like this discussion to continue here. Some, I know, love the spray samples that I sell. They are very reliable and spray a nice spray. For most fragrances  in the Tauer range I produce 1.5 ml (think 2 ml) spray samples. Of course, folks love these. They are a little bit like a mini perfume flacon. We ship a lot of these, and I spend quite some time producing these and they do not pay my rent and food. They may be too good, to be honest. And today, with today’s experience, I will not start offering these for a new range of scents that I make jointly with another artist.

In my opinion, a sample is here to try two, three times a fragrance, under non optimal conditions (think dab vials). For some of you, this may not be enough. Some perfume lovers want to explore a scent in more depth and detail. This is why I will offer a purse spray size for Tableau de Parfums. It will be 7 ml, and will allow to spray and to  try and test, or to continue testing in case of doubt, for a reasonable price, and allowing me to do other things than fill sample vials which takes much longer than filling a purse spray.

Thus, I ordered 5000 folded Tableau de Parfums carboard samples and DVD sleeves and look forward to getting them and ship them into the world.

Next: Coming up with labels and the official EU allergene declaration. It is not really a lot of work, but I hate to do the calculation.