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Noseday 2013 and tuberose while we are waiting

Welcome to a new week, and contrary to last week: this week seems to please us with some sun. Phew! It’s about time. The last two weeks under a grey fog sky at minus temperatures made me feel like a rotting vestige of last summer. But now: Temperatures are rising, the sun will be shining and I have a plan for this week.

First of all: I leave the draw for a Lonestar Memories flacon open for another day or two. Thus, if you have not taken your chance to win this fragrance, yet: You might want to leave a comment on last week’s post (not here) and/or on my facebook post. Yes, it is a double whooper chance kind of a thing. And on a side note, as I will not comment in the draw post: The hat there was a gift that I got from friends when leaving Texas, after a year in College Station. And a comment to Darius: The new packaging will first be used for NOONTIDE petals only. The next months will see a gradual shift. Some scents that are not top sellers will stay in the old packaging longer, though.

Another action points and plans for this week: Get another shipment out, stocking up the warehouse in the US from where I ship full bottles to destinations in the US. We are low in stock and this will be my top priority, starting as soon as I clicked the “publish” button in the backend of my blog site. I will also go and pick up the printer that I will use for printing information on cards that are used with the new packaging. Then, I have another interview, and I will start shipping some NOONTIDE samples this week.

And then, when I find time to think with a free mind, I will do some serious thinking on tuberose. Why tuberose? Well, you might remember that I finished my gardenia (s)centric fragrance. (more soon) This one is actually planned to be the first of a couple of flower centric scents. And since I love tuberose, I am fiddling around with tuberose since a year. And guess what: I am very unhappy there. I guess this whole flower thing  is worth another post.

Impatient as I am, I kind of need to stick my nose into new things.  I am so not good in waiting. Not that I plan to launch the gardenia right now and do not expect a tuberose tomorrow, but in a sense, fiddling and creating and trying to find a form is the perfect distraction for days like these, where I need to wait for almost everything, like the last paper and packaging things (for Noontide petals), and try not to worry too much (think: Italy and other economic crisis hot spots).

Talking about Italy. Sunday in a week will see me in Rome, joining friends and perfume lovers for Campomarzio’s Noseday 2013, taking place March 10, in the afternoon. If you are in the region: You might consider saying “hello”.