what's up?

old rose

Today’s picture is a memento mori, sort of. A rose fading, loosing its brilliance, and drying. And, although the rose did not smell properly when fresh, it faintlystarted to smell of old “gone” rose. Dusty and a bit off. It reminds me a lot in many experimental rose fragrances I did. Roses go off quite swiftly and move away from beautiful flower images into odd, old and dusty territory. But even faster you end up with soapy roses that are so soapy that you feel the foam tickling under your nose.

But these days roses are less my troubles. I am more thinking “PACKAGING” and will visit a large packaging exhibition in a few hours to see and learn more on the newest development in packaging, producing labels etc. You never know! Technology is advancing so fast.

Speaking about it: I took  the fading rose picture with mynew camera and although it is the same family (nikon), I am amazed how much more it can do in comparison to the old one. And how fast its electronic is and the sensor is also definitely better.  Thus, in the end, the old camera’s death has a good side to it. As long as I do not look deeply into my monthly statements from the bank.