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On Tableau de Parfums and concepts for a purse spray

if there is one thing that I learned in the last 7 years that I am building my brand then it is this: The fragrant inside may be a matter of some importance. But the outside matters more. It may sound sad, but this is reality.

Reality is what happens in the shops, online and offline. I talked about this fact with Giovanni and Bettina the other day in Rome, while at Campo Marzio. And by chance, brings these days this topic up , too. If you have not seen it before: There, on extrait, you find a link to the flacon making video of my pentagonal tauer flacon: Click here.

Now…. when I say, “the outside matters more” it does not translate into “blingbling” sells all the time. Actually, the outside can be ultra slim, or playground like, or baccarat. Each might work in its niche. But if you want to do things seriously, and make a living from perfumery, you better invest into your packaging, too. Without forgetting the inside.

As always in life: Keeping a good balance is key.

And, besides simply getting attention by a nice packaging and an appropriate flacon, you communicate to the perfume lover with your outside statement. Yes, you really do. That’s why each little label and each ribbon and each shiny edge on a flacon matters. I translates into sublime communication to perfume lovers about you, and what to expect when you push the spray.

Thank you for following me and reading my post up to here.

Today, I wish you a lovely weekend, and I share with you a draft that I scanned and sent to Brian a long time ago. It shows you a purse spray sized flacon, with a draft for a print on it. This purse spray of 7 ml volume will be one size of the Tableau de Parfums fragrances. The other flacon size will be 50 ml. But I and Brian figured that we want to offer a “travel” size, or “trial size” or “entry point” into world of Tableau de Parfums, and Evelyn Avenue with its many lines to follow beyond perfumes. After having finally! found a nice purse spray that fits my quality demand on the spray and the vial and that is somewhat affordable, I started thinking about how to decorate, print it. The picture to the left shows you my first draft.

Later we needed to adjust for technical reasons. But in this little draft, the core idea was born, and you find visual key element of Tableau de Parfums that you will find in all other products of this brand.

Having talked about visual elements and being the guy who creates perfumes: I want the outside to fit the inside. I want perfume lovers to feel the memories and fantasies that we are intending to share with them and that they will discover when they push the spray.

I am not a native English speaker, thus… let me finish by borrowing a line from Brian’s post on the Evelyn Avenue blog.- There he describes the shooting of a short, called Rose. He writes “By the time we shot ROSE last week, I’d smelled “Miriam”, the perfume inspired by Miriam and Rose’s story, and as we filmed I imagined that’s the fragrance Miriam, Rose, and the sales associates at the perfume counter in ROSE are all talking about.  It was pretty intense to have that reference point, something created by two guys who love perfume the way a child loves his fantasies and had connected over material created from memories about those relationships with lost people, scents, and the places they inhabited.”

You find his entire post by clicking here.