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PHI, making samples, and a question

It is PHI time, in the house of tauer. PHI, une rose de Kandahar, a scent scheduled for November, to appear in the COLLECTIBLES line, with samples and product ready for pre-ordering in  a few days from now, is sort of limited in numbers for a while as I did only a limited batch. I mean, limited depends on whether perfume lovers will put their hands on. If not, then it is not limited at all. It is a Tauer exclusive until next year, with the exception of the UK, where I have an exclusivity agreement for PHI, meaning that you will be able to get it through my retailers there.

Basically it is my holiday season’s special this year.

But let’s not talk business today. I started sample making and today’s picture shows you a detail of the samples’ label. I am super busy, as PHI is my launch in November. And then there is Ingrid, from Tableau de Parfums, launching in November, too. My beloved Ingrid. Ah, I can’t wait. And then there is the lavender centric all natural fragrance that I created for Richard Britos Lüscher. So yes, a lot is happening these days and the perfect timing was not planned like that. Anyhow: PHI. The fragrance has a lovely color, which is mostly due to the tobacco absolute that I used there. It is an absolute that is partly decolorized, but still: It is quite dark and as I use quite a lot ( about 3% in the mixture) it adds a nice dark yellow wist. And besides the color, the tobacco adds an incredible richness and depth to the fragrance. It is not smokey, as the absolute of tobacco smells more like a rich woody, animalic, leathery wet tobacco leave, really. With hints of “Zurich wet leaves in the wood with mushrooms in the background”. This scent, I smelled it yesterday while doing my workout in the woods and it is absolutely stunning. It reminded me immediately in tobacco leaves, but more on the mushroom side and cleaner. Thus, tobacco: It is the first time that I use tobacco abs. in a composition of mine. But I am so much in love with this material, I am sure that I will come back to it. I see a perfect match there with vanilla. And hints of chocolaty patchouli, and … ah well. You see: We don’t stop dreaming here.

Thus, while I fill samples here -there’s a draw on the horizon, too, stay tuned, please!- here’s the question for you. What do you think about vanilla?